We do all know or at least have heard about Ireland, also known as the Republic of Ireland. Ireland is a member of the European Union and even though the country offers beautiful landscapes, many activities and job opportunities, Ireland and its capital Dublin, are less considered as dream destinations than their neighbour, England and its famous capital London. We do think that Ireland suffers from this reputation only because people do not know a lot about it. So let’s sum up everything that is awesome about Ireland!

Ireland, it is amazing landscapes that have been shaped by the elements over the centuries : lakes, mountains, and a green and flourishing nature wherever your eyes lay down.


The Irish are very welcoming and in particular with foreigners. They will always be ready to help you, however, it might take you a more or less long time of adaptation to understand them, as their pronunciation and accent is very far from the English one.

It is also an important pub culture that is totally different from France. In Irish pubs, you get to  drink (of course), eat, dance, watch sport, listen to celtic music…Not to be forgotten that Ireland is the country of whisky and of the Guinness beer. So let’s give it a chance !

Another typicality of Ireland is its gaelic sport best known as gaelic football which is a mix between rugby and football.

If you do have the chance to go to Ireland, you have to be there for the Saint Patrick’s day ! It is the Irish National Day, people, buildings and rivers are colored in green. People are drinking Guinness and attending numerous parades, street concerts and parties all over Dublin. It is a day not to be missed !


We have decided to tell you more about food and the food industry in general this month. So what about the Irish food culture ? Well it could be argued that Irish food is not the « best food in the world », however, they do offer wonderful brunches that are said to be even better than the English breakfast.

The Irish brunch or Irish breakfast includes eggs, rashers (bacon), tomatoes, beans, hash browns (potato galette), sausages, some pork meat, toasts and a lot more. You can drink a tea or coffee with that or just have another Guinness beer. The particularity of these Irish breakfasts is that you will taste a different one in every pubs or restaurant you will eat.

Do not forget about the Black pudding. It’s another speciality of Ireland that is made of pork meat and cereals grown in Ireland. The Black pudding is served toasted. So give it a try !

       breakfast    blackpudding


What is Ireland known for when talking about the food industry ? Butter of course. With all its green landscapes and numerous cows, Ireland has what is takes to produce a great butter that is exported all over the world under the name of « Kerrygold ».

If you visit the city of Cork, you will have the opportunity to visit the Cork Butter Museum. The museum has been built in order to explain the process of turning milk to butter, but also to tell about the history and the evolution of the butter market and Ireland.

Olivia Bodin, 22 years old, student of the Master degree Trilingual Negotiator in International Business at the University of Angers : In 2015, Olivia completed a 6 month internship in Dublin for an Irish start-up, Housemydog. She had a lovely time there and gives you some advice :

  • A website to look for internships in Ireland :
  • Two websites to look for a room or a flat for your stay in Ireland : and
  • Additional tips :
    « Do not make any reservation for a room or a flat online. Always visit it ! If you do not have the time to visit anything before you arrive in Ireland, then stay at a youth hostel for a week, and plan some visits from there. »

Par Nicole Yangagbako

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