Tax learning

The project we will carry throughout the year, will aim to collect the apprenticeship tax. We will look for companies in which the former students of the Master 2 NTCI have completed their internship. This fundraising will feed the accounts of the training, in order to meet the needs of the latter. Each student of the training will be led to do telephone prospecting to encourage contact with companies.

Project leaders: Clemence Besneux, Johanna Calofer

Become a partner by paying us the Learning Tax!

The Master 2 Trilingual Negotiator in International Trade (NTCI) is a real springboard to professional integration. Indeed, more than 90% of our students are hired directly at the end of the Master.

Today's students may be your future collaborators.

You can support the training:
      • paying the apprenticeship tax
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How to pay the apprenticeship tax?

- You can pay the apprenticeship tax through your collector organization until the deadline of 28 February 2018
- Contact your accountant
- Do not forget to specify that you want to target your participation in the NTCI Master course at the University of Angers

Why pay the apprenticeship tax at the Master NTCI of the University of Angers?

Thanks to your support, you participate in the training of your future employees by being an actor involved in the development strategy of the Master NTCI.

The funds collected by the apprenticeship tax are used for educational purposes by:
      • the financing of multimedia equipment
      • the purchase of the latest software versions
      • the participation of speakers or lecturers in order to better professionalize our students
      • the organization of professional events such as the Business Forum
For more information:

Ms. Bellanger, responsible for collecting the apprenticeship tax, is at your disposal if you have any questions. Do not hesitate to contact her: