Our "Website Creation" project was realized within the framework of the internal project of the Master 2 NTCI. Our main objective is to propose a website representing the Trilingual Negotiator in International Trade Master's program, to add photos, articles and information on various professional projects or cultural experiences as well as upcoming events all while staying within the parameters of our two main focuses: Polyvalent and Wine.

We want to increase the visibility of our site through social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and attract French and international students to our program. You will have access to this site, our schedule, our internal projects, a description of our courses as well as our CVs in the CVthèque tab.

Each position is interdependent with each other, each of them must work together to achieve content and a pleasant appearance for the user. We all have an important role in this project and here are our different profiles:

Publishing Head:Romeo Tognarelli

skills : decision making - direction - information

Qualities of the position : The editor is primarily responsible for the content of the website, he must know how to guide his team to change the content of the website. He ensures that the editorial line is respected, chooses editorial topics with his team that will be discussed and oversees the smooth running of operations. Nevertheless, the main quality needed for the editor, apart from his editorial skills, is his ability to lead his team.

Web Editor:Jessica Buchanan - Kevin Ertas - Daniele Raineri - Zilin Zhang

skills : Synthesis skills - curiosity - good level of languages ​​- ease of writing

Qualities of the position : Web editors must handle various tasks. In the first place, in-depth research work on the topic chosen by the team is essential. Then they verify the integrity of the information found. Web editors master the art of reformulation, it is necessary to rework data so that the content becomes fluid and interesting for the user.

Translators:Jessica Buchanan - Kevin Ertas - Daniele Raineri - Zilin Zhang

skills : Adaptability - good level in foreign languages ​​- curiosity

Qualities of the position : A relatively complicated position to manage as the translators must reflect through their work the same level of emotion and dynamism as the source article developed by their colleague of the editorial staff. Their mission is to transpose an article from a source language to a foreign language (mainly their mother tongue), while adapting to Internet users and their expectations.

Webmarketing Project Manager:Florence Lacrampe

Skills: leadership - adaptability - creativity - marketing & communication skills

Qualifications of the position: The Webmarketing Project Manager's main role is to implement a marketing strategy adapted to the content which also meets the expectations and the means of the team in order to increase the reputation of the site. He/She is responsible for the specifications and therefore its smooth running with the corresponding teams, monitoring and analysis of the results of actions implemented while remaining in agreement with its initial marketing strategy. This requires a good relationship because it must work in agreement with the different actors of the website (editorial - community manager - webmaster - translator and graphic designer)


Community manager:Nouvian Eloire

Skills: Fluency with communication media - knowledge of advertising - mastery of management tools

Qualifications of the position: The community manager is mainly in charge of the reputation of the website via social networks. For this, he/she plans publications and activities on these platforms and checks the results obtained to adapt a chosen strategy. The Community Manager makes sure that the reputation of the website is amplified and strengthened through various social media.

Webmaster:Céline Boucard

Skills: Adaptability - creativity - mastery of web office tools - technical notions of webmarketing

Qualifications of the position: The webmaster is in charge of the maintenance of the website and everything related to the format of the website. He/she manages the technical aspect of the website as well as the management of the applications and animations while being responsive in the case of a technical problem related to the form of the website.

Graphic Designer:Wilbert Walker

Skills: creativity - mastery of image editing software - sense of communication - interpersonal skills

Qualifications of the position: The graphic designer must be versatile, as he must ensure a follow-up from the first phases of the project to its end. His/her main role is to convey an idea through an image, which proves to be a challenge as errors must be avoided. Playing with forms and colors in order to deliver a specific message to web users is essential. Originality, dynamism and creativity are the main qualities of a graphic designer, while knowing how to master the appropriate software (image editing, photoshop and so on...).