Oenological Club

The oenological club is part of the logic of interest of the Negotiator course in wines and spirits.

Beyond the desire to gather around a common passion, it is also to deepen our knowledge in the sector of alcoholic beverages. The project also aims to give us a first vision of the professional environment through visits to areas and tasting organizations.

If the spirit of the project is passed on from year to year, the 2017 promotion will stand out by opening the fields of possible not only to wine, but also to beer and spirits (Cognac, Whiskey, etc.).

Tasting sessions, thematic events and many other surprises are on the menur.

Project leaders: Sophie Breton Ducharme, Léa Henri-Beaupied

Treasurer: Marion Jabaud

calendar To know the dates of the NTCI Wine Casting Club tasting sessions, consult the calendar ...

The quantities served during the tasting sessions will be strictly regulated and controlled by the organizing team - any person exceeding this limit or breaking the commitments of the Club Charter will be excluded permanently. Once the Charter is signed, the Organizing Team of the Oenology Club can not be held responsible for the actions of its participants.