International Contract Law

This class is devoted to international contract law which aims to lay down the general principles of the course. Students are given a rich and rigorous presentation taking into account the main texts. The central part of the course is the analysis of the Vienna Convention which settles the contentious related to sales contracts for more than three quarters of international exchanges.

The class is divided into two different parts:

  • First semester: theoretical knowledge of international contract law (three hours per week).
  • Second semester: application of the basic theoretical knowledge through the realization of practical cases throughout the semester. For example, the raised question is the research of the applicable law in case of a dispute between two legal or physical persons both residing abroad.

Mr. BEAUMIER Alexandre: follower of the legal strategy en in labor and business law. His subject is quite technical. In any case, alternating technical parts and relaxation moments always manages to keep a high level of attention.