Interpersonal communication

The recruiter's job, and more generally the management of human ressources, is the main theme of this topic. Knowing how to choose the right profiles is determining the success of a society and this requires solid professional skills. solid. The analysis of recruitment methods also allows everyone to rework their own resume, cover letter and in general to improve their approach to the job market. The communication course helps to figure ou your weak points during your first contact with a company or during a job interview. Finally, this cill has a great utility for students of M2 who are about to enter the work enter the work world.

Mrs. FABLET ROGERE Anne : Doctorate in management sciences and human resources and Head of the Master 2 with Ms. Mathieu, Ms. Fablet teaches us to communicate effectively and refine our presentation, soft skills that are not always taken into consideration in university courses but have a great practical importance. A dynamic teacher and always prlisten and advise.