Master 2 NTCI

The Master 2 NTCI offers an original training integrating the mastery of linguistic and cultural knowledge applied to the business. Our ambition is to train internationally functioning trilingual negotiators who, beyond the proficiency of at least three languages, have in-depth knowledge of intercultural differences, negotiation techniques, international marketing, market knowledge and import-export procedures.

Since 1995, we offer two courses that offer great career prospects:
The multipurpose course allows access to executive positions as import-export manager, sales administration or purchasing, product manager in various sectors or executives in the tourism sector.
The wine course directs students to executive positions in areas of international sales, marketing, import-export and / or purchase of wines and spirits.

Each year, we are fortunate to welcome foreign students who contribute to the international opening of our training as well as professionals who wish to upgrade or who wish to carry out a new professional project.

Our training is provided by qualified and recognized by professionals in the subjects they teach as well as by high-level research professors, allowing us to offer quality lessons that follow the evolution of our society. In addition to the training program, we offer a series of seminars each year, the content of which meets the challenges of companies, which evolve in a globalized world. The rise of competition is leading companies to question and our graduates, with their knowledge, allow them to ask the right questions and respond responsively.

The combined efforts of the student team through the actions put in place within the association of the Master 2 NTCI and the teaching team allow to maintain an active professional network reinforcing the professional integration and to organize events in close cooperation with companies.