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The Master 2 Trade Trilingual Negotiator
International, what is it?

The Master 2 NTCI (Trilingual Negotiator in International Business) is an international and professional training offered by the University of Angers, whose selection is on file. It integrates the mastery of linguistic and cultural knowledge applied to international trade and aims to train internationally functioning trilingual negotiators who, beyond the mastery of at least three languages, have in-depth knowledge of intercultural differences. , negotiation techniques, international marketing, market knowledge and import-export procedures. Two courses are also possible: the multipurpose course or international trade of Wines and Spirits.

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The Trilingual Trade Negotiator Master
International, who is it?

The Master NTCI is a team composed of both professors but also professionals in fields such as import-export, taxation, international negotiation, knowledge of wines and terroirs ... Thus, students can benefit from theoretical but above all practical teaching; essential in a vocational training.

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Why do we need you?

The Master 2 NTCI is offered as part of the University of Angers. Funded by the State, the means at its disposal are relatively limited. However, to ensure quality training and put into practice the theoretical knowledge, the students of the master must perform a number of projects, but all according to the means available to them. Which consequently, greatly limits their options. Indeed, the creation of a new website to promote the best NTCI training or the establishment of an oenology club entail costs for students of the Master 2.

Our projects: what would the money collected be used for?

  • Financing of the website
  • Participation in the life of the Oenology Club created by the students of the Master 2 NTCI: the NTCI Wine Tasting Club
  • Order of business cards for students of the class
  • Financing of visits as part of the training
  • Participation in the associative life of the Master 2 NTCI
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses of interviews of Angevin companies for writing articles

Students of the Master 2 NTCI thank you in advance for your help!

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